Faculty Housing

About Us

The Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing program is designed to help incoming faculty and staff find a place to live for the first year that they are at Mississippi State University. This allows time for newly hired faculty and staff to become familiar with the area and make decisions about where they want to live on a more long-term basis.


  • Convenient to campus.
  • Lease has no minimum term. You can move in, explore the local area, find a permanent residence, and move without penalty.
  • Domestic pets are welcome, but limited to dogs, cats, tropical fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, parakeets, canaries, and other birds.
  • Yards where children can play.
  • Prompt maintenance provided by MSU Facilities Management (325-2005).


  • To ease the transition of new hires into the new work and community environments
  • Provide convenient housing for newly hired faculty & staff members
  • Provide well maintained, safe housing for all tenants