Faculty Housing


Mississippi State University maintains a limited number of housing units available for rent to regular full-time faculty and staff on a temporary basis. The units range in size from two-bedroom apartments to four and five-bedroom houses.

The purpose of temporary housing is two fold:

  1. To ease the transition of newly hired employees into the work and community environment.
  2. To provide present employees with opportunities for temporary housing.


Distribution Information

The unit head accountable for recruiting and hiring employees within his/her unit will provide the web site (Faculty and Staff Temporary Housing: //www.fm.msstate.edu/fachouse/) for Mississippi State University's Faculty/Staff Temporary Housing in the packet of information sent to prospective faculty and staff.

Assessing Housing Applications/Making Assignments

The Associate Director for Facilities Services, Facilities Management, will assess housing applications (see Exhibit 1 Application Form) submitted by full-time faculty and staff and make assignments according to employment status of the applicant in the following priority:

  • Newly hired* regular full-time general faculty with rank of Assistant Professor or above and deans, directors, and department heads
  • Newly hired* regular full-time professional or support staff and full-time instructors
  • Full-time members of the general faculty and professional or support staff

Within each priority, assignments are made according to:

  • Date the housing application is received
  • Family size
  • Bedroom requirement

* To be considered newly hired, the employee must file an application for temporary housing prior to or no later than sixty days after the date of employment.

Processing Inactive Applications

Individuals wishing to accept a temporary housing assignment will be required to sign a Faculty and Staff Temporary Housing Rental Agreement (see Exhibit 2 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Rental Agreement) and to make a security deposit equal to one month's rent. The deposit will be refunded if the property is vacated in as good a condition as at the time of occupancy (normal wear and tear excluded). Should additional cleaning or repair be required, the deposit will be used to cover the cost and a refund of the unused balance will be made. If the cost is more, the tenant will be billed for the remainder. By making a deposit, the perspective tenant agrees to the terms of the offer letter.

If a prospective tenant or the prospective member's department requests that advanced assignment be made and a hold placed on the unit, the prospective tenant or the department is required to execute a rental agreement upon request and pay the rental amount for the duration that the housing is not available for other assignment.

An offer letter will state the date on which rent will begin. Every effort will be made to accommodate "Date Housing is Required" as entered on the application. If the unit is available for occupancy on the required date or earlier, rent will begin the earlier of the required date or the occupancy date. If the offer is not accepted, the status of the applicant will rotate to the bottom of the list in the respective priority category.

A pet fee is required at the time of assignment when tenants have a pet on MSU property. The pet fee is a non-refundable fee used to provide sanitization upon vacation of the property by the tenant (see Exhibit 5 Pet Addendum.)

Paying Rent, Utilities and Fee Charges

By the first of each month, the tenant will pay rent, utilities and fee charges (see Exhibit 4 Fee Schedule) through payroll deduction. Exceptions: ROTC employees will make direct payment to the Controller's Office by the first of each month and nine-month faculty will do likewise for the months not on the University's payroll.

For the tenant's convenience, water, electricity and natural gas will be on when they arrive. The tenant is responsible for making arrangements and paying all utilities not provided by Mississippi State University.

Arrangements for continued electrical service for Bulldog Circle, East Road and Maroon Drive should be made with:

Four County Electric Power Association
1808 Hwy 25 South
Starkville, MS 39759
Phone: (662) 323-4502

All other units are served by the University electrical system.

Arrangements for continued natural gas service for all units should be made with:

Atmos Energy
402 University Drive
Starkville, MS 39759
Phone: (1-888-286-6700)

If the appropriate utilities are not transferred into the tenant’s name, there will be a handling charge per invoice.

Changing Rent, Utilities and Fee Charges

Rent, utilities and fee charges are subject to change upon approval of the President. Any approved changes will apply at the beginning of the month following the receipt of written notice from the Associate Director for Facilities Services. A list of current fee charges (see Exhibit 4 Fee Schedule) may be obtained from the Housing Assignment Specialist (662-325-5830).


Subleasing of housing unit is not allowed.

Controlling Pets

The tenant will provide control over pets so that they do not become a nuisance or danger to neighbors or the University community (see Exhibit 5 Pet Addendum). This document must be signed by the tenant and will be attached to the rental agreement.

Collecting Garbage

Garbage collection for the housing units is provided once per week.

Vacating Housing

Advance Notice The tenant will (a) give written notice of intent to vacate the property and will be responsible for the payment of rent, utilities and fee charges for a minimum of fifteen days from the date notice is given (see Exhibit 6 Intent-to-Vacate Form) and (b) pay partial monthly charges due on a prorated 30-day basis.

Inspection After the housing unit is vacated, the Associate Director for Facilities Services will inspect the unit (see Exhibit 7 Minimum Cleaning Standards.)

Employment Termination The tenant will vacate the property within thirty days after termination of employment with Mississippi State University.

Violating Rental Agreement and Rules

Violation(s) Violation(s) of Rental Agreement and rules may result in losing the privilege of housing and the tenant will have two weeks to vacate the premises. If the unit is not vacated beyond the two week vacation notice, eviction proceedings will begin and the tenant will be responsible to pay all costs associated therewith.

Unauthorized Occupancy If the tenant does not vacate the premises on the ending date specified in the rental agreement, the date specified on the Intent-to-Vacate Form or beyond the 30 days after employment termination, eviction proceedings will begin and tenant will be responsible to pay all costs associated therewith.

Appealing Violation Notice(s)

Appeal of a violation notice must be made in writing to the Associate Director for Facilities Services within seven calendar days of the written notice. Tenant's appeal will be forwarded to the Faculty/Staff Housing Appeals Committee.

Faculty/Staff Housing Appeals Committee

The committee which is responsible for hearing appeals to violation notices is comprised of the Associate Director for Facilities Services (Facilities Management) and five voting members serving three year staggered terms with each voting member appointed by one of the following:

  • Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Chair, Staff Council
  • Athletic Director
  • Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Vice President for Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine


Exhibit 1 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Application Form (online form)

Exhibit 2 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Rental Agreement

Exhibit 3 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Grounds and Maintenance Rules

Exhibit 4

Service Charge
Mowing tenant's lawn (per mowing inside fence) $40.00
Installation of assembled ceiling fans (per fan) $50.00
Handling charge of utilities not placed in tenant's name (per invoice) $15.00
Unlocking Rental Unit Charge
Additional key to be picked up at Facilities Management by tenant during normal business hours $7.00
Unit unlocked by Facilities Management - normal business hours $25.00
Unit unlocked by Facilities - all other hours $90.00

Exhibit 5 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Pet Addendum

Exhibit 6 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Intent-To-Vacate Form

Exhibit 7 Faculty & Staff Temporary Housing Minimum Cleaning Standards