When MSU athletes take to the field on game day, whether it is baseball, football, soccer, or softball, it would be nearly impossible without the diligent work of Bart Prather and his staff. He's not a coach, trainer or manager, but his contributions, arguably, are of near-equal importance.

Our People: Bart Prather

When J.D. Hardy came to Mississippi State in 2008 as energy/mechanical engineer in Facilities Management, he says he walked into to a great situation from an energy conservation standpoint.

Our People: J.D. Hardy

For campus landscape supervisor Jimmy Rice, the reward of working with Mississippi State's lush grass and other natural scenery is the satisfaction of seeing a job well done. "It's just really good when you do your job, and it looks good.

Our People: Jimmy Rice

Stella Ellis grew up caring for people. As one of seven children in her family, Stella always helped with the other kids, and did whatever it took to keep the household in order.

Our People: Stella Ellis