Our People: Stella Ellis

Stella Ellis

Stella Ellis grew up caring for people. As one of seven children in her family, Stella always helped with the other kids, and did whatever it took to keep the household in order. Her sense of caring for others definitely has affected her work for the last 21 years in Mississippi State's custodial department. While the master custodian works to ensure the functionality and upkeep of 18 different areas around campus, her main objective is to make sure that the people who work in those spaces are happy. The MSU Welcome Center, first floor of Thompson Hall, and the fourth and fifth floors of the library are among her areas of responsibility, which include everything from maintaining office spaces and hallways to classrooms and entranceways. A nighttime supervisor for the past six years, she said of her attitude about work, "It's just the way I was brought up to take pride in what I do, especially when it involves looking after people." Along with her loyalty to her job, Stella is devoted to Mississippi State and the Bulldogs. From the hubcaps on her car to her clothing and household trinkets, it's not hard to identify her as "True Maroon." She even lends her generous heart to caring for students who find themselves in need. "I've done what I can to help students. I've taken them into my house, fed them, and provided some spending money when I can," she explained. When asked why she's remained at MSU for more than two decades, she said, "When I put my mind to something, I don't give up." Now that's the Bulldog spirit.