Planning, Design, and Construction

Planning & Design

Planning, Design and Construction is responsible for the full range of facilities planning services from the concept of a new facility to the planning of the demolition of unneeded facilities, to include design and construction administration and management. Responsibilities also include coordination and management of plans, designs, specifications, estimates and procurement procedures to accomplish capital improvement projects for all University projects and external agents such as the Institutions of Higher Learning and the Bureau of Buildings.

  • Planning and Design develops action plans and coordinates typical planning functions which include standards development, surveys and topographic information, infrastructure maintenance and upgrade planning, historic preservation, capital improvements, repairs and renovation planning. Planning and Design is also responsible for document preparation for approvals, IHL agenda items, funding request, management of design professionals, building codes, and the American Disabilities Act Guidelines. Planning and Design coordinates the input of facility requirements for MSU departments with various design professionals to ensure the MSU requirements are included in project designs. Planning and Design Manages the development of the bid and construction documents.
  • Construction Administration manages all assigned capital improvement projects. Conducts progress meetings, monitors construction progress to ensure the construction is on schedule and within budget. Reviews and approves progress payments for construction, based upon construction progress. Monitors construction project budget, coordinated MSU requirements with the professional and contractor when change orders or modifications are required.