Our People: J.D. Hardy

J.D. Hardy

When J.D. Hardy came to Mississippi State in 2008 as energy/mechanical engineer in Facilities Management, he says he walked into to a great situation from an energy conservation standpoint. Hardy serves as the energy monitor for MSU and, in addition to developing reports on consumption for the energy committee, he is part of a team that develops projects to help improve campus systems and make them more efficient. He says that a large part of conservation is efficient use of resources and developing sustainable practices and, because the university has been so proactive, he and the energy team have been able to continue a downward trend in energy use for several years. "We are constantly looking to the future for new ways to be more efficient," Hardy says. "Our goal is to continue to conserve energy without sacrificing the academic and research goals of Mississippi State by being more efficient and sustainable in ou r practices. I am very proud of our performance and our reputation as an energy-conscious university."