Our People: Bart Prather

Bart Prather

When MSU athletes take to the field on game day, whether it is baseball, football, soccer, or softball, it would be nearly impossible without the diligent work of Bart Prather and his staff. He's not a coach, trainer or manager, but his contributions, arguably, are of near-equal importance. As superintendent of sports turf, Prather is responsible for ensuring that playing surfaces are safe for student-athletes to practice and play on and that they meet NCAA guidelines for all striping, painting and dimensions. He and his staff are diligent in making sure the playing surfaces are free of low spots, high spots, holes, and trip hazards that could easily turn a first-round draft pick into a former student-athlete. Prather returned to State 10 years ago and says a love of athletics makes what he does seem less like a job and more like an endless sports season. "I couldn't do this if I didn't love athletics," Prather said. "Being able to do it for the university I grew up coming to as a kid makes it that much more rewarding."