Energy conservation preparation underway for upcoming holiday break

At the end of the day Tuesday [Dec. 20], Mississippi State will implement its holiday energy plan.

The Christmas and winter break affords the university an opportunity to significantly reduce its energy consumption, allowing the use of saved operating expenditures to be applied to other campus needs. Your efforts over the years to turn off unused equipment and lighting are absolutely critical to a successful holiday shutdown. Please join with your colleagues in doing everything you can to reduce MSU's energy use during this time.

Energy savings to-do list

There are several things you can do to help, and your efforts do make a significant difference:

When you leave work each day, please turn off computers, lights, radios, and any other energy-consuming devices. If you have trouble locating any switches, contact Facilities Management at (662) 325-2005. Remember to check devices and equipment in out-of-the-way places and places for which no one has specifically assigned individual responsibility, which may include classrooms, restrooms, storage closets, etc. For this holiday break, building managers and operators should ensure that all interior and exterior lights are turned off.

Heating and cooling settings

Heating and cooling settings for holiday breaks should be addressed by the appropriate building operator. Some buildings are centrally controlled by Facilities Management, which will implement the appropriate temperature setbacks.

For technical reasons, temperature controls in some buildings should not be set back. In the remaining areas, the building operator should set the thermostat to the minimum setting, making sure that the system is not in cooling mode.

Buildings in the different categories are listed below. If you have questions about the temperature setbacks in your building, and if you have any specific concerns related to research requirements, please contact Facilities Management at (662) 325-2005.

Settings maintained by Facilities Management, building temperatures will be reduced for energy conservation (no individual actions should be taken):

Academic Advising Center, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Allen Hall, Ballew, Band and Choral Hall, Bost, Bowen, Hand (except labs), Herzer, Herzer sales store and processing, Briscoe, Bryan, Butler, CAVS, Chapel of Memories, Carpenter (except 1st floor), Center for America’s Veterans, Clay Lyle, Davis Wade Stadium, Dorman, Dudy Noble stadium spaces, Etheredge, Florist, Forest Products Building 1, Freeman, Fresh Food Dining Facility, Garner, Harned (except labs), George, Hilbun, Howell, Hill Poultry Science, Hunter Henry, Humphrey and Mize, Industrial Ed, ICET, Landscape Architecture, Lee, Lloyd Ricks Watson, McCarthy, McComas, McArthur, McCain, McCool, Magruder, Memorial, Mitchell Memorial Library, Middleton, Montgomery, Moore, Music (A, B, and C), Newell-Grissom, Pace, Palmeiro, Patterson, Perry Cafeteria, Raspet Building 1 and 2, Sanderson (partial), Seal Complex, Seal M Club, Stafford, Shira, SIMS/HPCC, Student Union, Swalm (except labs), Thompson, T.K. Martin. (All athletics facility setbacks will be coordinated with Athletics personnel, and all student housing setbacks will be coordinated by Housing personnel.)

Buildings in which thermostats should NOT be adjusted for holiday breaks (Due to the nature of these systems, adjusting to a lower temperature setting may initiate cooling):

Giles Architecture, Hand (labs), Harned (labs), Herbert, Hill Poultry first floor, Hull, Industrial Ed, Rice, Scales, Simrall, Swalm (all lab spaces), Walker.

In all other buildings, building operators should set the thermostat to the minimum setting, making sure that the system is not in cooling mode. Thank you for your continuing efforts to enhance our energy conservation efforts.

Parking lot lighting and closures

Lights in the following parking lots will be turned off and the lots will be closed:

Zacharias Village - north half, McKee, Swamp Lot, Industrial Education Lot, Lot East of Herbert, South Hand Gated Staff lot and Commuter Lot (except serving Band Hall), Allen West, Cresswell/Hathorn (west), Fresh Foods (upper), Lloyd-Ricks, Dorman South (south of greenhouse), Forestry lot (across Stone from Thompson), Ruby (partial), Bost West, Sanderson Lot.

All other lots will remain lighted and open. And remember, if you have any specific concerns related to the holiday energy plan, please contact Facilities Management at (662) 325-2005.

Thank you for your continuing efforts to enhance our energy conservation efforts. Have a safe and happy Christmas and winter break.