General Service Material (GSM)

Mississippi State University (MSU) has been for some time preparing the campus for students, faculty, and staff to return in the fall. As a part of this effort MSU Campus Services has and will continue to focus on the operational elements of preparedness and safety.  In an attempt to mitigate anticipated shortages and/ or disruptions in the supply chain of certain sought-after goods, we have created a process by which critical General Service Material (GSM) supplies are centrally procured and stocked with a core selection of supplies we anticipated would be requested by University departments.

The existing Building Manager and Operator Program (BMO) has been employed as an efficient method to facilitate the dissemination of supplies. Campus Services has and will continue to procure and warehouse supplies in quantities to meet the needs of the campus throughout the academic year to every extent possible, but in the context of possible national and international supply chain shortages. Departments, via their respective Building Operator and the Campus Services online request form, should only make requests for GSM items in quantities sufficient to meet immediate and short-term needs. Departmental funds will not be billed at the time of distribution of the supplies; however, a departmental org number will be required to fill the request. Once the request has been filled, notice will be provided, and the supplies will be available for pickup at the rear loading dock of the Gast Building at 103 Robert L. Jones Circle.

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