About Us

Facilities Management is responsible for operation, maintenance, and repair for all on-campus Educational & General (E&G) facilities and temporary faculty and staff housing units. E&G facilities are those supported by the University's E&G operating funds and that serve academic or administrative functions.

Facilities Management offers a wide range of services and activities to include:

  • Campus Landscape
  • Custodial Services
  • Facility Services
  • Utility Services
  • Faculty Housing

Facilities Management also provides the above services to non E&G facilities/customers on a breakeven cost basis as requested.

E&G Responsibility Defined

Facilities Management is funded for routine maintenance of E&G spaces as originally intended. This maintenance work is performed to offset the effects of normal "wear and tear". A good way to describe E&G responsibility is to envision a common classroom, laboratory, or office devoid of furniture, office machines, equipment, people, programs, and similar features. Anything added to the space is generally outside of the funding level of Facilities Management.

Non E&G departments/facilities are charged for all services.

E&G departments/facilities are charged for services outside of the routine maintenance scope.

Routine Chargeable Responsible Group
(Services provided by but not Funded by Facilities Management)
Normal housekeeping & cleaning Special housekeeping requests above normal service levels Custodial Services
Carpet shampooing in high-use areas according to the restorative cleaning schedule Carpet shampooing more frequently than established cleaning schedule (for questions on this schedule call 325-2005) Custodial Services
Restroom maintenance Modifications or additions to occupied space requested by the department Custodial Services
Trash Removal/Recycling Special trash/recycle pick ups/mass document shredding Custodial Services
  Special Event setups and cleanups Custodial Services
Graffiti removal   Custodial Services
Public area cleaning   Custodial Services
Walk-off mat replacement   Custodial Services
Water fountains (cleaning)   Custodial Services
Public area maintenance   Facility Services
Maintenance & repairs involving building components such as plumbing, drains, light fixtures and receptacles Installation and maintenance of new services: air conditioning, electric, water, etc. requested by the department Facility Services
Facility safety issues (broken railings, exit signs, electrical covers, etc) - as part of routine maintenance Facility safety issues specific to the departments operation/function Facility Services
Repairs to classroom furniture & fixtures New furniture assembly requested by the department Facility Services
Hanging of bulletin boards, white boards, a/v brackets, etc. in classrooms and common areas Hanging of pictures, plaques, bulletin boards, white boards, a/v brackets in offices & conference rooms Facility Services
Repair of existing locks/hardware/doors/door hardware Lock changes or additions, keys requested by department, replacement of lost keys Facility Services
Pest Control/Animal Control Specialized or extraordinary pest control Facility Services/Campus Landscape
Painting in accordance with needs identified in 10 Year Maintenance Plan Painting requested above routine maintenance needs or non-standard colors Facility Services
Interior & exterior lighting maintenance   Facility Services
  Building or office renovations required to accommodate changes in program Facility Services
Building Generators   Facility Services
Sidewalks   Facility Services
Damage due to water leaks or minor plumbing problems (water leaks- roof/windows, etc.)   Facility Services
Fire alarm systems Security changes if due to a change in the program, ie. rekeying, additional alarms, security, etc. Utility Services
Air conditioning (too hot/too cold) set point 72°F Modifications or additions to systems, such as electrical or HVAC as a result of program changes or increased needs Utility Services
Elevator maintenance/repairs   Utility Services
HVAC maintenance/repairs   Utility Services
Repair of building mechanical systems (HVAC, vacuum pumps)   Utility Services
Clocks   Facility Services
Plumbing maintenance/repairs   Utility Services
Water fountains maintenance/repairs   Utility Services
Outdoor trash receptacles/litter & debris removal Outdoor event clean-up as requested by department Campus Landscape
Grounds maintenance & upkeep   Campus Landscape
Ornamental Beds   Campus Landscape
ADA accessibility   Planning, Design, & Construction