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Utility Services.

This section of Facilities Management is responsible for production, operation, and maintenance of our utility production and distribution systems (electricity, water, steam, and sewer), campus energy management program, and mechanical systems preventative maintenance program, such as HVAC and fire protection pumping systems.
Utility System Production and Operation.
Provide sufficient quantity and quality water, steam, sewer, and electricity to MSU through contract with suppliers, or production using MSU owned facilities. Operate and maintain all MSU owned utility production and distribution systems.
Mechanical System Preventative Maintenance.
Prevention of equipment failures through development and management of a preventative maintenance program for all utility production and distribution systems, as well as HVAC systems, fire protection pumping systems, water wells. Sewer Pumping/Lift station Pumps, Fire Alarm System Maintenance Etc,
Campus Energy Management.
The energy management program is to reduce the wasteful energy practices and maximize automatic controls technology application of our systems. In order to minimize energy use, while providing comfortable educational environments. Maximize use of our production facilities by monitoring energy cost. Developing improved energy procurement practices.
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