Vision .... The Campus by which all others will be benchmarked.
Mission .... Provide a University environment that encourages and enhances Learning, Service and Research.

Planning and Construction

Responsible for the full range of facilities planning services from the concept of a new requirement to the planning of the demolition of unneeded facilities, to include design and construction administration and management. Responsible for all IHL and BOB document preparations. Responsible to coordinate and manage the plans, designs, estimates, specifications, and procurement actions to accomplish capital improvement projects under the authority of external agents such as IHL and BOB.
Planning services.
Develops action plans and coordinates typical planning functions which include standards development, facility database maintenance, deeds, appraisals, surveys, landscape planning, land use planning, campus master planning, infrastructure maintenance and upgrade planning, historic preservation, capital improvement, repairs and renovation planning, Document preparation for approvals, agenda items, funding requests, property procurement and disposals actions, etc. Manages the selection of the Design Professional. Coordinate the input of facility requirements from MSU departments with the various Architects and design engineers to ensure that MSU requirements are included in project designs. Manages the development of the bid and construction documents (plans, drawings, and specifications, RFP/IFBs).
Construction Administration.
Manages all assigned capital improvement projects. Conducts progress meetings. Monitors construction progress to ensure the construction is on schedule and within budget. Reviews and approves progress payments for construction based upon progress. Monitors construction project budget. Coordinates MSU requirements with professional, and construction contractor when change orders and modifications are required. Review and approve required contract submittals.

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Tim Muzzi
Assoc Dir, Arch Plan & Const
(662) 325-3788
Robert A. Johnston

Beverly Greer

Jennifer Lanouette