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Mission .... Provide a University environment that encourages and enhances Learning, Service and Research.

Landscape and Grounds Services.

This Facilities Management Section is responsible to landscape and maintain MSU grounds, banners, signage, and parking lots. Responsible for maintenance and planting of year round and seasonal ornamental plants. Responsible for health and maintenance of grass through application of chemicals and fertilizers, pesticides, water, mowing and use of other turf management techniques. Responsible to ensure parking lots and roads are free of debris and well kept. Responsible to ensure that all building signs, banners and other vertical devices such as street signs, light standards, parking signs, are maintained IAW standards and kept erect, straight and presents a good image. Responsible for proper maintenance and upkeep of the MSU Golf Course. Develop and landscape areas as requested from time to time by customers.
Landscape Development.
Plan, design, and execute landscape construction projects to enhance and aide in Campus appearance.
Golf Course Maintenance.
Maintain the MSU Golf Course consistent with applicable golf course standards.
Turf Maintenance.
Maintain MSU turf (Sports and Campus) in a healthy vibrant appearance. Fertilize, aerate, mow, water, etc as required to present the MSU image. Apply pesticides as required to maintain turf free of pest and disease. Maintain all sports turf as required by the Athletics Department.
Ornamental Maintenance.
Maintain and enhance the campus appearance by planting and maintaining ornamental plants and shrubbery both seasonal and year round.
Parking Lots, Sign and Banner maintenance.
Sweep parking lots and roads as necessary to maintain appearance and rid surfaces of debris build up. Maintain seasonal banners, as necessary. Maintain all signs, sign post, and lamp standards. Paint, improve or replace as necessary those signs that do not present the MSU campus appearance standards.
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Cooley Building

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M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm
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