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Faculty and Staff Temporary Housing

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Mississippi State University maintains a limited number of housing units available for rent to Regular Full-Time faculty and staff.
The purpose of temporary housing is two fold:

  1. To ease the transition of newly hired employees into the work and community environment.
  2. to provide present employees with opportunities for temporary housing.

Housing assignments are made according to your employment status in the following priority:

  1. Newly hired, full-time general faculty with rank of assistant professor or above in academic departments or employees with equivalent rank in administrative, research, or public service units. This includes vice presidents, deans, directors, senior research scientists, research scientists I, visiting professors, or post doctoral employees (teaching or research).
  2. Newly hired, full-time professional or support staff. This includes instructors, lecturers, research scientists, senior research assistants, research assistants II, or research assistants I.
  3. Full-time general faculty and professional or support staff.

Within each priority, assignments are made according to:

  1. date application is received
  2. family size
  3. bedroom requirement.


When your name is reached on the waiting list, you will receive an offer for housing based on your application information. The offer will state the date on which rent will begin if you accept the offer. Every effort will be made to accommodate "The Date Housing is required" as entered on your application. If the unit is available for occupancy on your required date or earlier, rent will begin the earlier of your required date or your occupancy. If you choose to pass on the offer, you will rotate to the bottom of the list in your priority category. Please keep your application information current.

For your convenience, water, electricity, and natural gas will be on when you arrive.

Arrangements for continued electrical service for Bulldog Circle, East Road and Maroon Drive should be made with:

Four County Electric Power Association
1808 Hwy 25 South
Starkville, MS 39759
Phone: (662) 323-4502
All other units are served by the university electrical system.
Arrangements for continued natural gas service for all units should be made with:
Atmos Energy
Phone: 1 (888) 286-6700
One month's rent will be due when you sign your lease and subsequent rent will be payroll deducted.
Rent begins as detailed in your offer letter and ends the day you return your keys. There are no penalties for vacating prior to the end of the lease. However, we require 15 days notice before vacating.


  • Convenient to campus.
  • Lease has no minimum term. You can move in, explore the local area, find a permanent residence, and move without penalty.
  • Domestic pets are welcome, but limited to dogs, cats, tropical fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, parakeets, canaries, and other birds.
  • Yards where children can play.
  • Prompt maintenance provided by the university's Physical Plant Department (325-2005).


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To aid us in preventing frozen pipes during the winter months, please leave the cold water in your kitchen running with a stream of water about the size of a pencil lead if the temperature is predicted to drop below 20 degrees. If you plan to be out of town during the holidays or while freezing weather is expected, please take precautions by notifying us or having a neighbor or friend check your home.

Verify that utility room heaters are working and keep them set at the point indicated on the thermostat.

If you have maintenance concerns, please let us know by entering a Request for Service at web site For emergency service after hours, on weekends or holidays, standby personnel can be reached by calling 325-2121.

Our goal is to insure Faculty and Staff Housing continues to provide pleasant housing for our employees during transitions. If you plan to vacate your unit after the fall semester and have not notified us, please let us know right away so we can assist newly hired employees.