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Custodial Services

This Facilities Management section is responsible for the cleanliness of all facilities. Responsible for restroom supplies and proper operation of restrooms. Responsible for periodic carpet cleaning, stripping and waxing of floors. Responsible to pickup and dispose of recycled materials. Responsible for MSU Waste Management. Responsible to relamp all lights in all facilities that are reachable with an eight foot ladder.
Custodial services.
Operate, clean and supply restrooms. Periodic carpet shampooing, tile floor stripping and re-waxing, exterior water blast cleaning, stadium seat cleaning, water extraction, and dehumidification and other cleaning services as may be required.
Maintain lights and relamp all light fixtures that can be reached from an eight foot ladder. Clean light fixtures when relamping.
Event Parking.
Manage MSU's Special Events Parking Services. Provide parking lot monitors, revenue collection personnel, road guards, and other security personnel required. Coordinate with Campus departments to provide the required services.

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